Books: The Wolf House

Some of you might remember me posting about the first Wolf House book by my friend Mary Borsellino.

While I have not yet had time to read it*, the second book, Roads and Crosses, is now available through Drollerie Press.

L.J. Smith thinks these books are awesome, and if you know your trashy YA vampire literature, you would know that that is not a recommendation to sneeze at.

* This is mostly true, but I have actually read a short excerpt of Roads and Crosses for an audio project that appears to have gotten stuck in production hell.


Review: The Wolf House: Origins and Overtures

The Wolf House, Book I: Origins and Overtures by Mary Borsellino, with cover art by Audrey Fox

My friend Mary Borsellino is writing a series of young adult books called The Wolf House, and the first book was released as an e-book from Drollerie Press recently.

The press release describes The Wolf House as “Twilight for punks,” but as Wolf House-reader Beckah said:

…it could just as easily be called “Twilight for feminists” or “Twilight for queers” or “Twilight for people who really like monster movies” or “Twilight for people who don’t — well, ok, who do think that stalking can be kind of sexy, especially if it’s a vampire, but only if the author admits it’s kind of creepy too” or “Twilight for people who think everything would be better with kittens in.”

I tend to bristle at the desire to call any YA vampire book a “Twilight for [audience]” since Twilight was actually “A YA vampire book for Mormons,” but let’s not sweat it.

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