Books: The Wolf House

Some of you might remember me posting about the first Wolf House book by my friend Mary Borsellino.

While I have not yet had time to read it*, the second book, Roads and Crosses, is now available through Drollerie Press.

L.J. Smith thinks these books are awesome, and if you know your trashy YA vampire literature, you would know that that is not a recommendation to sneeze at.

* This is mostly true, but I have actually read a short excerpt of Roads and Crosses for an audio project that appears to have gotten stuck in production hell.


ARG: Just Another Fool: Update

BH has shown himself. He received the whole of Logan R——‘s notebook as well. Video of him going through this notebook after the cut.

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ARG: Just Another Fool Update: 2 of 6

On November 19, I was contacted by two others who received mail from Logan R——.

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ARG: Just Another Fool: Correspondence

Some of you might have heard about the creature called the Slender Man, who has recently come to the attention of researchers on the internet. Of most interest to me is Logan R——, who maintains a blog called Just Another Fool. Logan came into the possession of a notebook that belonged to his friend Matt Selby. Matt had a run-in with the Slender Man when he was stationed in Iraq earlier this year. Upon returning home, Matt died while in a hospital.

Once the notebook came into his possession, Logan began to act erratically, and eventually went missing, as the readers of his blog learned from his friend Joshua A—-. Logan has remained in contact with Slender Man investigators through cryptic blog entries and voice mail messages on a prepaid cellphone.

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