Food: Mushroom Curry

curryTerrible veg*n confession: I am dreadful at curries. I sit there and taste them over and over, thinking “what have I done wrong this time? It’s missing something!” And inevitably, I end up overseasoning them, and then force myself to eat them anyway.

And yet I keep experimenting, because one day I will make the perfect curry.

Today I made a mushroom curry, and it turned out much better than most of my previous efforts have. It needed more cumin and less coriander, and I underestimated the number of mushrooms I needed, but overall, it was very enjoyable.

The curry was greatly, greatly assisted by the presence of fresh tomatoes from my family garden. Only upon eating tomatoes from my garden have I discovered that I am kind of in love with tomatoes. Ripeness matters! Who knew?


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