The thing about blogging

This is not the only blog I maintain, or have ever maintained, but it’s only the second semi-professional blog I have maintained. The funny thing about a Serious Blog is the being Serious part. Or, perhaps, not the Serious part, since I don’t think Bat-Girl was ever Serious, but she was always funny.

The thing about blogging is to be interesting. Right now, I am recovering from major surgery. The most exciting thing I’ve done in the past two weeks is go down to the grocery store.

I’ve read a lot of books, and watched a lot of sports, which you would think would result in content, but I am not a very confident person. I don’t want to say things if I’m unsure of their veracity. I defer to the expertise of others. It is possible that I just don’t have the heart for blogging.

Or perhaps it’s just that I’ve gotten tired of arguing. I used to have a Real Sports Blog, which occasionally even got linked on DeadSpin, mostly when I was pointing out how dudes were being hella sexist. (Hint: Dudes who talk about sports for a living are even more sexist than regular dudes.) And after about four months of that, I sat back and said “This is making me unhappy.” And I stopped.

Still, I suppose I ought to write something here, so here are some thoughts:

1. The Cleveland Indians don’t look like a very good team this season, but there is always the issue of small sample size. This is not very poetic, but it’s true. Travis Hafner might still secretly be Pronk, but he’s about halfway in the phone booth and halfway out, and hasn’t taken off his glasses and neck tie yet. Even if the Indians do turn out to be terrible, I’m not sure they’re significantly more terrible than any other team in the AL Central, which is good in the sense that it means they could make the playoffs, and is bad in the sense that I am horribly defensive of the AL Central, and I hate that it might not be good this season.

2. I have seen the following dudes on my television recently, and found them a restful place for my eyes: Grady Sizemore, Scott Lewis, Curtis Granderson, Shin-Soo Choo, Ian Kinsler, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Rich Harden.

3. Josh Hamilton might be ~The Natural~, but Zack Greinke is still badass as hell for pitching. Professionally. For the Kansas City Royals. With social anxiety disorder.

4. I really, really, really appreciate the Marjorie M. Liu Approach To Plotting, which is basically something like “And then there’s a secret society! And then the run away to the circus! And then he can’t die! And then they get kidnapped by witches! And then there are dragons! And then the Russian Mafia shows up! &c, &c.” I’m pretty much always confused as hell, but it’s fun.

5. I finally got around to reading the first of Scott Westerfeld‘s Uglies series and I remain so impressed with him. I’m never all that into his premeses, but he always goes and writes such awesome stories with them. I’m not as into it as I was his Midnighters series, but I think that’s primarily because Uglies does not have psychics in it, and there is very little I love more than psychics.

6. You know how I say on my sidebar that I’m working on my novel? I still haven’t decided which one I’m supposedly working on.

7. I really should work on going to bed at  a reasonable hour.


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