A silly thing and a serious thing

I. The Silly

Andrew at Let’s Go Tribe has posted Our Place In The Sun which attempts to answer the question: Can this [the 2009] team even approach being the lousiest pitching staff in Cleveland Indians’ history? (Spoiler: Not by a long shot.)

II. Not At All Silly: “Amazonfail”

Yesterday, quite a few authors of gay fiction and non-fiction books about sexuality (from a feminist or sex-positive POV) noticed that their Amazon Rankings had disappeared. The works were still searchable by their proper titles and authors, but fell to the end of Amazon keyword search results. (Which led to an Amazon search on “homosexuality” bringing up a first page of search results that were almost entirely anti-gay.)

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The thing about blogging

This is not the only blog I maintain, or have ever maintained, but it’s only the second semi-professional blog I have maintained. The funny thing about a Serious Blog is the being Serious part. Or, perhaps, not the Serious part, since I don’t think Bat-Girl was ever Serious, but she was always funny.

The thing about blogging is to be interesting. Right now, I am recovering from major surgery. The most exciting thing I’ve done in the past two weeks is go down to the grocery store.

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