I’m aliiiive!

I’ve been ignoring real-life blogging for a while now, but I think it’s time to hop back on board. I’m in the process of moving back to Ohio from Indianapolis, which is pretty exciting because I am just not that big a fan of Indianapolis. There’s something about a city that’s 85% suburban sprawl that just doesn’t agree with me.

More interestingly, I’m having surgery to remove an ovarian teratoma in two weeks. This should be scaring me because I’ve been reading horror stories about people who have not been properly anesthetized before surgery and found themselves paralyzed but fully aware during surgery; instead, I’m sort of horrifically fascinated by my weird tumor.

At first I was really excited at the prospect that my tumor might have teeth, which is crazy. Teeth! In my pelvis! But then I looked up teratomae on Wikipedia and read the following:

The tissues of a teratoma, although normal in themselves, may be quite different from surrounding tissues, and may be highly disparate; teratomas have been reported to contain hair, teeth, bone and very rarely more complex organs such as eyeball, torso, and hands, feet, or other limbs.

Okay, that last bit is all marked [citation needed], but I could have an eyeball in my pelvic region.

That’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, once I’m not drugged to the gills post-op, I’ll try to use some of my recovery time to work on The Novel. I suspect I’ll probably just end up reading trashy novels and watching old episodes of The X-Files and Babylon 5, but let me at least pretend that I’m going to use this time to be productive.


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