My growth had neither eyeballs nor teeth, although it apparently was attacking about five of my internal organs, so I’m going to still consider my story awesome and gross. (Have an awesome and gross picture!) I’m out of the hospital now, but still in Indiana. I should be heading back to Ohio tomorrow.

Instead of working on The Novel while I’m recovering, I’ve mostly been watching a lot of March Madness and reading a lot of threads at Let’s Go Tribe. Maybe when I’m on fewer drugs and can kind of concentrate on things for more than five minutes at a time I’ll be getting some writing done.




I’ve been working on naming some of my minor characters in the novel, filling out the rosters and whatnot. It’s terrible looking down at a piece of paper and finding myself thinking, These names are not ridiculous enough.

But it’s true. They’re really not ridiculous enough.

I’m aliiiive!

I’ve been ignoring real-life blogging for a while now, but I think it’s time to hop back on board. I’m in the process of moving back to Ohio from Indianapolis, which is pretty exciting because I am just not that big a fan of Indianapolis. There’s something about a city that’s 85% suburban sprawl that just doesn’t agree with me.

More interestingly, I’m having surgery to remove an ovarian teratoma in two weeks. This should be scaring me because I’ve been reading horror stories about people who have not been properly anesthetized before surgery and found themselves paralyzed but fully aware during surgery; instead, I’m sort of horrifically fascinated by my weird tumor.

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